See You At The Top Of The Charts

You become your thoughts-that’s for sure! For many years I posted on Facebook what I thought was just a catch phrase, “See you at the top of the charts.” At times I was ridiculed for this, “What charts Joe? You are a songwriter, not a singer or musician.” Well yesterday I found out that I have a song on an album that debuted #2 on Billboard.
See you at the top of the charts is no longer just a catch phrase-it’s a fact jack!!
So if folks are looking for a helping hand they should look at the end of their own two arms. The only way to hit the ground running is to get up off your dead ass. And it all starts with a single thought. Isn’t it amazing that you are what you think? And get this…We are ALL made in God’s image which means we are creators and are capable of amazing things. So go create some amazing things in your life. Anything you can dream up you can accomplish. But you can’t accomplish a damn thing with a negative attitude.
Complainers are not winners and winners don’t complain. A winner looks excitedly at a negative as a challenge always thinking how he can overcome it. And when you weather the storm and overcome the worst time in your life then you will find your greatest reward.
While I was writing Towboat Joe, I hit rock bottom. I was too broken to continue and my life seemed to be in ruins. I sat down at the kitchen table with my computer in front of me about to hit the delete button on all my work. There were negative forces and negative people that seemed to be demanding that I give up. Then all of a sudden it crossed my mind, “Hey I didn’t start writing Towboat Joe for the people that were involved in making my life miserable and I ain’t about to stop writing it because of them!!”
I wrote another paragraph and I felt better about things. Then I wrote another chapter and I quit worrying about what was “happening to me.” By the time I finished the book I had broken the chains that held me down. The negative people and the problems were still there but I ignored them and took some time for myself. I wrote for me-to express not to impress.
I was literally at the end of my rope when I decided to give it just one more “Hail Mary.” After all I figured that I could always give up afterwards if I still felt the same way. I believe that one decision changed my entire life. Sure it would have been easier to give up and point the finger of blame at my circumstances-instead I decided to just do it despite my circumstances and the circumstances finally gave up on me and moved on to easier prey.
My book was published and started selling well, I got a gig on tv and one of my songs was the theme song-with me (you’re only a songwriter) performing it. I had never played harmonica in my life but the harmonica work you hear on tv was me…or at least the force inside of me that was determined to succeed.
A year later and I now have a song on a hit album by a major Icon. Just over a year ago I had given up-I could not find a reason for living much less a reason to continue. But I continued anyway-for myself-and that’s when I overcame the very worst time of my life.
Looking back on it now-it doesn’t seem as bad as it was and it looks like what I done was easy. It truly was the worst time of my life and it was the hardest thing I ever done. But the pain was soon forgotten just like the pain of childbirth is not remembered by the mother that holds her child for the very first time.
Hey-I’m no hero, I had all intentions of succumbing and I can’t explain why I gave it just one more effort. I guess I did it just to make sure there was absolutely no hope. I was convinced that was the case but thank God I proved myself wrong!! So if you have given up on your dreams and have decided to point a finger of blame and jealousy at others, ask yourself one question: What would happen if I try just one more time? The greatest victories in life are found on the heels of your worst nightmare. You can continue to live that nightmare or you can choose to wake up to your dream. It’s a choice not a condition. See you at the top of the charts!!