It Took Me Over 20 Years To Become An Overnight Success

Now don’t go to thinking that I’m some kind of over night success story!! No sir-ree!! My dumbass worked for over 20 years trying to make it in the music industry without a single paycheck!! Last week was filled with firsts for me!! One of the firsts was my very first BMI royalty check!! I got it the same day that the Icon, Hank Williams, Jr. released an album with a song on it that I co-wrote!! That’s a major first!! And the first thing I did was thank the man in the picture below!! Randy Matthews and the Nashville Music Guide never gave up on me!! So how does one become an overnight success?? It’s easy-just be the fool that works your ass off for 20+ years without getting paid while everyone makes fun of you for having BIG dreams in a small mind while making million dollar plans on a ten dollar wallet!! You know what?? It’s About Time!! The Party’s On!! See you at the top of the charts!!
And btw-this picture was taken the night before The Party’s On was written!!