I’m Not Begging For A Handout, I Ain’t Looking To Get Robbed

Remember when you say that you are someone’s “biggest fan” that you are saying a mouthful. Artists (especially indie artists) take that very seriously because it is the fan base that keeps the music, art, books or live shows coming. You might mean the difference between someone sleeping in their car or stretching out in the comfort of a cheap no-tell roach motel for the night.
So before you use idle words to stroke someone’s ego consider this:

Have you ever bought a book or cd from your “favorite” artist or author or do you ask them to autograph one for you for free so you can help “spread the word?”

Have you ever met your “favorite” artist or author at a live show or event to support their music, book or work or do you download from the Internet and rip the artist off?

Have you ever dropped some dust in your “favorite” artist’s tip jar or bought him/her dinner to make sure they have more to eat than a greasy, 2-day old truck stop hot dog?

No?? Then here is a newsflash-You are no one’s “Biggest Fan” and you embarrass yourself when you say so!!

By all means let the artist know that you like their work and admire them but don’t use the word “fan” in ANY context unless and until you have earned that right.

Everyone-including venues-expect an artist to perform for free and/or give their work away for promotion purposes. Most never consider the long hours and expense of producing that bad ass song you love so much, or that beautiful book that captured your attention or that incredible painting that inspires you.

No one else works as hard as these Road Scholars and no one else works for FREE!! So don’t expect something for nothing and always give more than you get. Now-go buy an album, book or other piece of art from your local “starving artist” and plan to attend an event.

I bet you can find more entertainment in one night less than an hour from your home than you will find all week sitting on a dead ass in front of the boob tube.

Hit me up and let me know how it goes and who your new favorite artist is. become their “Biggest “Fan!!” There’s not much competition out there so “Biggest Fan” is a very attainable goal in a short period of time, and you will have a blast doing it. I guarantee it.
See you at the top of the charts!!